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Friday, 30th January 2015
Lego Jurassic World and Lego Marvel Avengers Announced [Eorl- 11:26am] From: AusGamers News [ 7 Comments ]
Warner Bros. has announced two new Lego titles from developer Traveller's Tales, diving into the world of Jurassic Park and Marvel's Avengers later this year.

Lego Jurassic World (teased at the end of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham) is coming this June, and will feature elements of Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III, and the upcoming Jurassic World movie.

Lego Marvel Avengers is the follow up to Lego Marvel Superheroes and will be focused on the two Avengers films, including Age of Ultron out this May. A launch is expected for that game sometime in Spring.

"The LEGO videogame franchise remains a cornerstone of our business, consistently delivering fun, engaging gameplay and remarkable humour both kids and adults love," said David Haddad, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "We look forward to expanding the successful series with this very exciting line-up of new LEGO experiences for players of all ages to enjoy on console, handheld and mobile gaming devices."

"This year will be the biggest yet for LEGO videogames with these incredible titles and several firsts for the series," said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. "TT Games are crafting humorous LEGO adventures, based on new stories and characters across some of the most well-known and iconic worlds."

Both titles are planned for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, and PC.

Battlefield: Hardline Beta Confirmed for February 3 to February 8 [Eorl- 10:49am] From: AusGamers News [ 9 Comments ]
After rumoured speculation thanks to a leak from a YouTuber mailing list, EA and Visceral Games have today confirmed that the Battlefield: Hardline beta will be commencing on February 3rd, as suggested.

The beta is scheduled to go live on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, showing off the game's newest multiplayer changes and lasting until February 8th. Visceral Games also today released a new trailer that gives gamers an in-depth look at how new innovations with story, speed and strategy in single player and multiplayer are helping to make Battlefield Hardline a complete first person shooter experience. To see “What’s New in Battlefield Hardline," find the trailer below.

Thursday, 29th January 2015
Valve: $57 Million Paid Out to Steam Workshop Creators [Eorl- 03:05pm] From: AusGamers News [ 2 Comments ]
Since its launch in 2011, the user-generated Steam Workshop has now paid out more than $57 million to those creating various in-game items for Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And now Valve is expanding the list of supported games, meaning even more money-making opportunities for Steam users.

According to the news release more than 1,500 contributors spread out across 75 countries had created over 100,000 items in the Steam Workshop across the three games, an astonishing rate for any user-generated content machine. While such profits have been limited to Valve games, the digital store owner has announced that two non-Valve games will be making their way to the curated store: Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders: Eternity and Torn Banner Studios' Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
This is really exciting news and means that more high quality content will be available for the game you love playing. Plus, purchases of this great new content directly enables those community members to continue practicing their craft and making more awesome content.

We expect more curated Workshops to become available for creators and players in various games over the coming weeks and months.
Of course Steam Workshop supported games have been around for awhile now, but this new addition of curated, paid-for titles will definitely favour more revenue opportunities. And Valve isn't stopping there, with more games expected in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled for the news.

Nintendo: Wii U Sales Top 9.2 Million Since 2012, Projects Net Profit of $255 Million [Eorl- 11:43am] From: AusGamers News [ 2 Comments ]
While Nintendo has had some amazing games debut in the last year for their Wii U home console, the hardware continues to struggle with just 9.2 million units sold since its 2012 debut. That number however has not phased Nintendo's profits, with the company now expecting its first profitable full-year results since that fabled launch date.

The company confirms it has sold just 9.2 million Wii U consoles since the system's launch in 2012. Breaking that down, Nintendo saw sales of 1.91 million Wii U systems between October and December of last year, versus 1.95 million unit sales the year before during that same period. Nintendo has only managed to sell 3.03 million consoles since April of last year.

Despite the harrow numbers for the Wii U, Nintendo did sell 7.08 million "members of the 3DS family," and expects a further bump once the New 3DS launches in North America and Europe. Software sales for the 3DS during this period stands at 53.04 million units, while the recent releases of Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Bros. for Wii U have helped push Wii U software sales to 20.59 million units.

Nintendo reduced its annual sales forecast by 6.8 percent today, leading to a 50 percent drop in the projected operating profit for its core business. Nonetheless, the ever-weakening state of the yen is balancing that out by boosting the company's overseas earnings.

According to its revised forecast, Nintendo now expects to earn a net profit of ¥30 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015, which converts to around $255 million. That's up 50 percent from the company's previous projections, and a sharp contrast to the $229 million loss posted the previous fiscal year.

In terms of the first three quarters of the fiscal year (April to December 2014), Nintendo posted net sales of ¥442.9 billion ($3.8 billion), down 11.3 percent from the year before. The company expects that figure to reach ¥550 billion ($4.7 billion) by the end of March, no doubt boosted by next month's launch of the New 3DS in North America and Europe.

Meanwhile, Nintendo posted a nine-month net profit of ¥59.5 billion yen ($505 million), up a massive 483.7 percent from the corresponding year's figure.

We can expect more on the future of Nintendo in their company results briefing taking place later today, however the future of Nintendo is definitely looking better than where it was the past few years.

Spotify Coming to PS3 and PS4; Music Unlimited Shutting Down [Eorl- 11:48am] From: AusGamers News [ 4 Comments ]
Sony has confirmed that music on demand service Spotify is coming to their phones and consoles from Autumn 2015.

The new music service - dubbed PlayStation Music - will partner with Spotify to bring the service to 41 territories, including Australia and New Zealand.

PlayStation Music - purported to be "deeply integrated" and offer "exclusive benefits" to users - will bring more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists to your PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets.

PlayStation 4 players will also be able to simultaneously use Spotify and play games, enabling you to "soundtrack [your] gaming sessions".
"Music is a core component of the entertainment offering that consumers expect from Sony," said Sony's Andrew House, "and our goal with PlayStation Music is to provide the most compelling music experiences to the millions of PlayStation Network users around the world."

"This partnership represents the best in music and the best in gaming coming together, which will benefit the vibrant and passionate communities of both Spotify and PlayStation Network. We're thrilled to make Spotify the foundation of our strategy with PlayStation Music."
As a consequence, Sony's present Music Unlimited service will cease operations across all 19 countries on March 29th, 2015, but "nearly all" of the countries served by Music Unlimited will be replaced by the new PlayStation Music. Those of you with an active Music Unlimited subscription on February 28th will receive up to 30 days of free access to Music Unlimited until it closes on March 29th, after which you may be offered an introductory Spotify Premium trial.

It isn't yet clear whether this new music service will require a PlayStation Plus account on consoles, however we'll hopefully be hearing more about it in the coming months. What has been made clear is that both free and premium accounts will be transferrable (and available) to the service, according to a post on the US PlayStation Blog.

Wednesday, 28th January 2015
Xbox One TV Tuner Heading to Australia in March [Eorl- 03:36pm] From: AusGamers News [ 14 Comments ]
After being absent in Australia for some time now with no real word on when we'd be receiving the fabled device, Microsoft has finally got some good news: Australian Xbox One owners will finally be able to purchase the TV Tuner come this March.

The TV Tuner, which will supposedly retail for $39.95AUD (though you'll most likely be able to find it cheaper), attaches directly to the Xbox One through USB, and will provide access to digital TV. Not only that, but you'll also be able to share the many fabled free-to-air channels across your home network thanks to SmartGlass.

Controlling the TV on Xbox is done directly through the OneGuide app, which conveniently Microsoft has announced a "public preview" of today. Inconveniently it hasn't been made clear how users will be able to test the app considering the tuner isn't out until March.

Pre-orders for the TV Tuner can be found directly through the Xbox store, or through your electronic retailer starting today.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Hands-On - Quests and Bugs Combine for a Tantalising and Ambitious Experience [Steve Farrelly- 01:16pm] From: AusGamers News [ 8 Comments ]
We went hands-on with close to three hours of content complete The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently, with a handful of CD Projekt RED members on-hand for both questions and to offer gameplay feedback to, which we took on board with gusto.

While the retail release is now pushed back to May, the extra development time is going to ensure a (hopefully) solid gameplay release that will reward and enrich players for hours upon hours, but we did find a handful of things that definitely could be looked at beyond basic bug-fixing:
It should be duly noted that obviously what I played was not final code. The team has some four months or so to really tighten up the game, but it does need work in a number of areas. Quest designer Philipp Weber did reveal that the game is locked to content at this stage though, meaning any and all development time moving forward is just on bug fixing, and the ensemble cast who came out from Poland to showcase the game were embracingly open to critical feedback among the journos who were doing the Geralt rounds. They even went so far as having feedback forms -- made of real paper, and requiring active penpersonship -- for areas any of us felt needed improvement. I finished my session by mentioning that the camera in tight interiors could use some work, and that combat on horseback left much to be desired. That last one, apparently, was an active bug that is on their list of things to fix, but apart from some pop-in and the aforementioned, it was all very digestible, but I do want to talk a little bit about combat and movement up front.
Click here for our full The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hands-on preview.

Reptile is Returning to Mortal Kombat X [Eorl- 10:45am] From: AusGamers News [ 2 Comments ]
Another Mortal Kombat fighter who's been around since (almost) the beginning, Reptile, will make an appearance in Mortal Kombat X. A new gameplay trailer from NetherRealm Studios shows how Reptile will play in the latest Mortal Kombat, with some familiar tongue, acid spit and invisibility moves.

Reptile battles the recently confirmed Kung Lao in the new Mortal Kombat X gameplay video, showing that his lengthy tongue is stronger than ever. It could always rip a head clean off, but now Reptile can support the full weight of a grown man. The trailer ends with one of Reptile's fatalities, which pairs melted flesh with the gruesome squirt of a bursting skull.

Mortal Kombat X will be out April 14 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

CD Projekt RED on the Benefits of Free DLC For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Eorl- 09:56am] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Speaking to IGN, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red has expanded on why they decided to give away 16 different DLC releases for free after the game is released later this year on various platforms. The short answer? "We owe" our customers who will buy the game.

"Because people just paid full price for our game," CD Projekt Red co-founder and joint CEO Marcin Iwinski tells IGN. "We owe them."

The ever outspoken Iwinski went on to say that he thinks that this decision is CD Projekt Red "making a statement" about DLC. He did note that the 16 free Witcher 3 add-ons aren't of the large variety like DLC releases for other games.

"We, as gamers, would like to be treated this way, 'Hey, give me free DLC.' It doesn't have to be something huge," he explained. "And I'm saying we aren't giving out huge stuff, we aren't giving tens of hours of storyline here; we are giving small bits of pieces that don't cost a lot. And I think people would feel better about our game, and so, they will enjoy the adventure even more."

Iwinski also thinks this approach to DLC could lead to fewer copies of the game being pirated or lead to people keeping the game instead of selling it at GameStop or other retailers.

"And maybe the ones who thought about pirating would not pirate it," he said. "Maybe the ones who wanted to trade it back and get something else will keep it on the shelf. That'd be great--I would like this to happen and if not that's fine as well. I hope they'll have fun."

The first bundle of DLC for The Witcher 3 will be released later this year and includes the Temerian Armor Set (horse armor - a shot at Oblivion's horse armor DLC) and the Beard and Hairstyle Set for the game's protagonist, Geralt.

Tuesday, 27th January 2015
Aussie Competitive Survival FPS Down to One Launches Early Access this Week [Eorl- 06:45pm] From: AusGamers News [ 3 Comments ]
Australian-made post-apocalyptic not-zombies survival title Down to One will be heading to Steam Early Access come this Thursday, developer Gadget Games announced.

Described as a mix of DayZ, a desert setting, eSports focus and last-man standing style play, Down to One's early access will offer players a chance to get their hands dirty in helping shape the game's future launch. Designed using the Unity 4.5 engine, Down to One will have players starting off a round with nothing but their fists as they try to scavenge what little is available on the map. Hopefully you'll be lucky in finding a gun, but even a rock can be deadly.

In regards to the eSport focus, the developer has designed the game with competition in mind. This comes in the form of tickrates adjusting dynamically depending on player count, plus plans to hold regular competitions and ladders. The team has also pledged to actively combat cheating.

Lead developer Alex Blaikie has also mentioned that the team will have a (small) Australian server box ready to go for early access, so you won't have to worry about overseas latency.

For more on the game, check out the Steam page here or the reveal trailer below.

Valve Bans Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Match Fixers [Tollaz0r!- 10:43am] From: AusGamers News [ 9 Comments ]
Following allegations of match-fixing, Valve has advised promoters against using select professional Counter-Strike players.

Valve says that after an investigation of certain accounts, there was a “substantial” number of high valued items won from the match of iBUYPOWER versus NetCodeGuides that were later transferred to players from both sides.

“All together,” the post reads, “the information we have collected and received makes us uncomfortable continuing any involvement with these individuals. Therefore we will be directing our CS:GO event partners to not allow any of the following individuals’ participation in any capacity in Valve-sponsored events.”

The news comes following accusations of match-fixing. Back in August of 2014, the two teams competed in what should have been an easy win for iBUYPOWER. Instead, iBUYPOWER lost the match to NetCodeGuides. Then, several sources came forward with alleged evidence which pointed to text conversations, messenger chats, and an alleged first-hand account of how it went down.

Cloud9 Acquires Smite World Championship Winners Cognitive Prime [Eorl- 12:03pm] From: AusGamers News [ 1 Comment ]
After a very intense battle earlier this month at Smite's 2015 World Championship that saw North American team Cognitive Prime take home a whopping US$1.3 million in prize money, eSports organisation Cloud9 has announced that the winning team will spearhead their return to the competitive scene of Smite.

The news was announced through Cloud9's official website, where Jack Etienne, owner of the eSports organisation, gave some insight into his choice to re-enter the SMITE scene.

“The opportunity to sign with Cloud9 was truly a dream come true for myself and all of my teammates.” shared John, “What really pushed us is that Cloud9 is regarded as one of the most respected esports organizations in the business.”

“It’s been a goal of mine to get involved in NA SMITE, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with this team.” explained Jack, “I’m excited to welcome them to Cloud9 and looking forward to kicking off the next season.”

The team's roster is thankfully unchanged, meaning the same team that won this year's championship will be back in full force for next year. The roster is as follows:
Andrew “Andinster” Woodward - Jungler
John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter - Hunter
Rosario “JeffHindla” Villardi - Support
Brett “MLCSt3alth” Felley - Mid-Laner
Ryan “Omega” Johnson - Solo-Laner
To promote the occasion, solo-laner Omega (who I was fortunate enough to share a car ride to the airport with) will be holding a 24-hour stream as a way of celebrating with the community, which you can check out here.

Hun Out to Dry - Hands-On with Total War: Attila [Steve Farrelly- 11:40am] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Total War: Attila is due to release in the early part of this year, but ahead of that (and our requisite review) Kosta Andreadis took a preview build of the game for a hands-on spin.

Here's an excerpt from Kosta's time with the game:
One of the newer and more interesting features of Total War: Attila is the introduction of horde mechanics which basically mean that you can pack up your entire city, burn the remains to ashes, and take your army and people out into the wilderness to find a new place to call home. Of course this probably translates to taking over someone else’s city, a staple in any form of global conquest, but the ability to migrate adds a new dynamic to Total War that is genuinely exciting. For the first time in the series’ history you can play the game without any inclination of winning the day by either military or economic conquest. You can simply play the role of crazy barbarian warlord who amasses an army and followers and simply decided to spend a few decades causing destruction via rampaging from one side of a continent to another.
Click here for his full hands-on preview of Total War: Attila.

Here's 15 Minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay [Eorl- 11:16am] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
CD Projekt RED has unleashed a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open-world RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, offering up a whopping 15 minutes of action-packed gameplay.

The gameplay below shows a whole ton of combat, conversations and travelling that you'll take part in when playing. Basically its a short look at what you can expect from the game when it launches in May.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be galloping onto PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come may 19th. A short Q&A was also held through Twitch, where the 15 minute gameplay was revealed. You can find just some of these questions (and answers) below thanks to GameInformer.

Senior game designer, Damien Monnier, and level designer, Miles Tost, revealed the following:

  • As you make choices, people will react to what you do in the world. Expect NPCs to comment on your choices and their demeanor to change if they agree or disagree with them. Also, different people and activities will be available depending on the time of day.
    Characters from the first Witcher game that weren't in the second won't be making an appearance in Wild Hunt. However, it's possible that CD Projekt RED will bring them back in DLC.

  • For crafting, you must find a blueprint, collect the necessary ingredients, and then locate a blacksmith skilled enough to craft the item. It's straightforward, but finding a blacksmith skilled enough will be more of a challenge. Some blacksmiths are not immediately accessible and can only be unlocked by doing quests. Apparently, you can craft some pretty spiffy armor for Geralt.

  • Geralt has a father/daughter relationship with Ciri, and that doesn't change. CD Projekt RED followed the books and wanted to make sure it introduced new fans to the Witcher lore accordingly. "You see that Geralt who is usually quite tough and serious clearly has a soft spot for this girl,” said senior game designer Damien Monnier. "She’s not a damsel in distress; she’s quite badass,” added level designer Miles Tost.

  • Regarding the alchemy system, you start with a recipe, find the ingredients, then create a potion. This potion will have four to five uses. But here's the cool thing: once you create the potion, you can obtain more by merely mediating and drinking some alcohol to replenish it. This eliminates you constantly having to track down ingredients, although expect the ingredients not to be as easy to find in the first place. CD Projekt RED has this new system because too many people were afraid to waste the potions they crafted in past games. This encourages players not to be scared about wasting them and to experiment more with the alchemy system.

  • Melee combat features over 100 combat moves and animations. How many you'll actually see just depends on if you want to focus on that branch of the skill tree.

  • You can meditate anywhere you can build a fire, but you can't just go into a stranger's house and meditate at their fireplace.

  • CD Projekt RED took fan feedback into consideration when tweaking the combat. It wanted it to be more responsive and put the player in more control, while still being challenging. Another goal was to make it so people could easily grasp the mechanics from the onset.

  • More was revealed on transferring your save if you're moving platforms or played on Xbox 360. You will come across a character that will sing your past tales to you. You can correct this character with the choices that happened to you if he gets an event wrong. This is directly woven into the narrative and not something separate from the game.

  • You won't just be riding on horseback. You can also climb mountains, swim, and dive. The game has different paths to get anywhere, and those will reveal different goodies.

  • Some fun side activities include the return of fist-fighting (but they're no longer QTEs), a new horse racing minigame, and a new deck-building card game that's based on one in the books called Gwent.

  • CD Projekt RED is still working on its insanity mode, so it couldn't reveal much, but did say it's toying with plenty of ideas, like having dying delete your saves. Nothing has been decided yet, but it wants to make it super punishing without eliminating the fun.

  • There will be an option to still play after you complete the game.

  • Monday, 26th January 2015
    Dying Light Physical Release Dated Late February, Be the Zombie DLC Now Free [Eorl- 08:26pm] From: AusGamers News [ 5 Comments ]
    Dying Light, the free-running first-person zombie title from Dead Island developer Techland, has finally been given a February 27th date for its physical release, which last week was announced to be delayed in Australia and New Zealand among other countries outside North America.

    For those getting a digital copy of the game, you'll still be able to jump into the zombie-filled world tomorrow on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To help mend the wounds Techland announced that physical copies of the game would come with two DLC packs - Cuisine & Cargo and the Ultimate Survivor Bundle - free of charge.

    On a more brighter note, the game's rather interesting multiplayer addition - a Dark Souls-inspired Be the Zombie mode that lets you invade player's games as a zombie - has now been made freely available to all who purchase the game, digitally or physically. Lambasted previously for it being available only to pre-orders, it seems Techland has come to its senses.

    A trailer for the mode has been released alongside the announcements, which you can check out below.

    Homeworld Remastered Collection Launches Late February [Offset- 09:18pm] From: AusGamers News [ 14 Comments ]
    Homeworld Remastered Collection, a compilation that includes Gearbox's modern take on Relic Software's strategy game series, will make contact with Steam on February 25th.

    As announced during Gearbox's presentation at PAX South 2015, the bundle includes original and updated versions of Homeworld 1 & 2, with Gearbox's recreations featuring new voice recordings and a remastered score. Homeworld Remastered Collection will provide commanders with space fleets for $34.99 at launch, though a 15 percent discount ($29.74) is available to those who preorder.

    The bundle also grants access to Homeworld Remastered's Steam multiplayer beta, a mode that serves as a joined multiplayer mode for both games. Races, maps, game modes and features from both games will be ready for battle once the multiplayer beta launches.

    Sunday, 25th January 2015
    DayZ Passes Three Million Copies Sold in Early Access [Eorl- 10:06am] From: AusGamers News [ 22 Comments ]
    Bohemia Interactive's Steam Early Access zombie survival shooter DayZ has officially sold 3 million copies of its standalone version, according an announcement by the company.

    While the game is still in early development, it has managed to garner around 3 million players since its release in December of 2013. The game has also changed a bit over the last year thanks to 24 updates since launch.

    "We would like to say thank you to every single one of the three million players, that have joined us on the journey of making DayZ. You all have helped make DayZ the best open world, zombie survival game," said project lead David Durcak.

    "This is an amazing achievement, and we are really looking forward to start sharing with you all of our game design improvements, anti-hack solutions and other optimizations we have been working on for a majority of the last year."

    Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Expansion Announced [Eorl- 10:01am] From: AusGamers News [ 2 Comments ]
    ArenaNet has revealed the first expansion pack for its popular MMO Guild Wars 2, titled Crown of Thorns. The expansion will introduce a number of features to the already content-bursting game, including the long-awaited Guild Halls.

    Taking to the stage at a PAX South panel this weekend, co-founder Mike O'Brien and game direction Colin Johanson revealed the Maguuma Jungle will be the setting of the new content, promising some of the deepest and most detailed content we've seen.

    Unusually for an expansion pack, the developer has revealed it will not be raising the level cap in order to make sure all gear and old content is still relevant. The team has never wanted to focus on the so-called "gear treadmill", but promised endgame character progression will change through the new Masteries system.

    Put simply, the Masteries system will enable you to survive in the jungle and facing its new foes. These skills and abilities will then be used in new group challenges. New profession specialisations will also be available. In essence, the expansion serves as a new vision for endgame progression in the title.

    The new area coming to the game is called The Heart of Maguuma. It's made up of three key biomes, from the very depths of the roots all the way to the treetops. Along the way, you'll encounter a secret the last good dragon, Glint, left to try and give us a chance at the very end of Guild Wars 1.

    The Masteries system is an account-based PvE progression system. Completing elements of the story you'll get Mastery points, as you complete exploring maps, hitting challenge spots, killing tough creatures and the like, then you can buy abilities for every character on your account. This is part of the game's no-grind philosophy. Some of the skills offered include the ability to hang glide, with more points enabling you to ride gusts of wind to climb and master exploration. You'll also be able to learn lore, understanding the local languages and getting access to secret areas as a result. You'll also be able to master collecting and crafting, so you'll be able to get legendary weapon precursors more easily.

    The specialisations feature enables you to develop your character, almost giving you a secondary profession as in the original title. Rangers, for example, will be able to learn the abilities of the Druid, and will be able to use the Staff weapon, use a new heal skill, new utility skills and new profession mechanics that fundamentally change the way the profession plays. It was also teased that the Necromancer profession will get a specialisation focused on the Greatsword.

    A new profession, the Revenant, will also be added. Rytlock will be returning as the first of his profession, and will be bringing with him the ability to channel and control the powers of the Mists. The heavy-armoured profession is able to use the Mists to channel the power of great legends to power the skills it has available, such as the ability to channel the powers of ancient dwarven kings, demons and more.

    The WvW mode is getting a new Borderland map to be added to the game's rotation. Boasted as the most diverse map in the game, each keep has its own distinct theme with each objective applying buffs to your team. Controlling the Earth Shrine means the ground will raise up and attack foes. The Fire Shrine enables you to traverse the map more quickly thanks to lava pools opening up.

    Competitive PvP is getting boosted with a new Stronghold Game Mode. You fight for control of supply, then spend these to hire troops and assault the enemy base. Your mission is to kill the enemy guild lord, with heroes also available for recruiting on the map. You'll also be able to form Guild teams and work your way up global leaderboards, to prove which is the best in the world.

    Guild Halls are also on the way, though no info on what exactly that will entail yet.

    While there's no release date as yet, Guild Wars 2 is currently available for $10 to celebrate the expansion announcement so, if this expansion has piqued your interest, it's probably a good time to grab it now.

    Friday, 23rd January 2015
    Nosgoth Enters Open Beta, Offers Double XP in Celebration [Eorl- 12:31pm] From: AusGamers News [ 3 Comments ]
    Square Enix and Psyonix have announced that the open beta for their third-person Vampire versus Human title Nosgoth is now live on Steam, bringing with it a double XP event to celebrate.

    “We are incredibly passionate about the Nosgoth community and we wanted to highlight this in our Open Beta Launch trailer which was made in conjunction with actual players” said Corey Davis, Game Director. “The community is at the core of the game and it is humbling to have such a vibrant and supportive fan-base and put these players’ front and centre of our campaign.”

    A new trailer has also been released that shows the competitive team-based multiplayer game in action. The trailer highlights some of the most engaged users as they take on the roles of both Vampire and Human as they brutally tear their opponents to shreds.

    The open beta is just the beginning for Nosgoth according to Psyonix, with a new class called the Summoner coming to the game. The Summoner is a new Vampire class that has the ability to call on the powers of the Underworld in order to summon ravenous ghouls. The Summoner will be followed by some additional new updates such as the next Human Class, a new Vampire city map, a new game mode, character skins, league rankings, observer tools, and more.

    Game of Thrones: Episode 2 - The Lost Lords Arrives Early February [Eorl- 10:24am] From: AusGamers News [ 5 Comments ]
    Telltale has announced the release date for the second episode in its Game of Thrones series, titled The Lost Lords.

    Episode Two will be available on PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4 from February 3rd, while it'll hit both Xbox One and Xbox 360 a day later on February 4th. Finally, Android and iOS owners will be able to pick it up from their respective stores on February 5th.

    A new trailer has also been released, which you can check out below. Be warned though, there are spoilers included in the beginning.

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