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Monday, 20th October 2014
Heroes of the Storm Celebrates Halloween with Three Unique Skins [Eorl- 05:43pm] From: AusGamers News [ 1 Comment ]
Blizzard won't be letting any of their big titles pass through Halloween without some holiday themed support, and Heroes of the Storm is no exception with three new Hallow's End skins making their way to the MOBA.

The Hallow's End update will include Countess Kerrigan, Skelethur Abathur, and Infested Tychus skins. The skins are all available now in the in-game shop for purchase and, as a reminder, everything you buy now is for keeps.

Blizzard is also hoping more players will get in on the fun and is offering an incentive to skilled players currently playing the alpha. Anyone that reaches Level 20 between now and November 18 will be entered in a drawing, in which the winner and all of their regional Battle Tag and Real ID friends can jump into the technical alpha. Those hoping to go a different route can also enter a drawing through the game's Facebook page. For more information, check out

Amazon Listing Leaks Two Super Smash Bros. Wii U Modes [Eorl- 05:18pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Amazon has accidentally let slip two possible new modes coming to the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros., a stage creation mode and a board game mode not present in the 3DS version.

The listing mentions both the Master Hand — a longtime final boss of the Super Smash Bros. series — and Crazy Hand, the more erratic and unpredictable counterpart to Master Hand first introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It looks like one of the new modes will include both Master and Crazy Hand setting up objectives for players to complete. Not much is revealed about the board game mode, other than that it will be competitive.

"Whether you're creating stages on the GamePad, competing in challenges crafted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, or outwitting your opponents in a brand new board game mode, there's no doubt that the ultimate Smash Bros. game has arrived," reads the listing.

We'll definitely know if the listings are true when Smash Bros hits the Wii U in Australia come December 6th, along with a whole assortment of themed amiibos to boot.

Night at the Museum Director in Talks with Minecraft Movie [Eorl- 02:19pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Warner Bros. is in talks with Night at the Museum director and producer Shawn Levy to helm its upcoming Minecraft movie, Deadline has reported.

Levy is most famous for directing and producing all three entries in the Night at the Museum series, but has also worked on the recent Pink Panther reboot and its sequel, and various other comedy films.

Warner Bros.' involvement in a Minecraft film first came to light earlier this year, when it was revealed that Lego Movie producer Roy Lee had been hired to develop the project.

Like the Lego Movie, a Minecraft film will be able to attach itself to the franchise's brand but work with a blank slate in terms of story.

There's still been no official word yet on what the film might be about, or when it might eventually be released.

Evolve Trailer Incentivises Pre-Orders with Exclusive Goliath Monster [Eorl- 01:42pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced a new monster pre-order skin for upcoming four vs one title Evolve, offering more incentive to throw your precious dollars down ahead of launch.

The game developers have released a new trailer showing the new Salvage Goliath, a type of new skin for the monster. They have also announced in their official twitter page that the players pre-ordering the game will have access to the new skin and the fourth unnamed monster.

If that wasn't enough, you'll also get access to the game's upcoming "Big Alpha" event, which will allow those eligible the chance to check out the game before its launch.

Evolve will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come February 10th, 2015.

Friday, 17th October 2014
Rare Allegedly Working on Something Kinect-less, Job Ad Describes Project as "Jaw-Dropping" [Steve Farrelly- 12:58pm] From: AusGamers News [ 10 Comments ]
Our buddies over at Melbourne-based MMGN have come across some interesting stuff out of Rare where a new project for Xbox One is concerned.

The boys managed to find a job listing for Rare that asks "If you’d like to be part of a pioneering team dedicated to the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare game, why not come and join us?".

While most job-listings for games from developers tend to lean towards bigging themselves up, MMGN also points out that a recent interview with Microsoft's Phil Spencer suggests that "its time for them to spread out and think about more", he also reminds us that Rare has "great franchises in their history, and hopefully their future", leaving us perhaps more interested now than before. As long as it isn't a party game that requires Kinect, and the studio works to build on their past Nintendo successes, we're pretty much signed up.

If this turns out to be something, what Rare game would you like to see revived for Xbox One?

Destiny Pushes PlayStation 4 to Top Console in North America for September NPD [Eorl- 12:17pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Bungie's latest sci-fi romp Destiny has pushed the PlayStation 4 to once again being the top console in North America, with Sony saying September was the biggest month in PS Store history.

“September 2014 was a record-breaking month for PlayStation's digital business, thanks in large part to the success of Destiny,” said Eric Lempel, vice president of Sony Network Entertainment International. “Last month's PlayStation Store revenue increased nearly 90 percent compared with Sept. 2013. Working closely with Activision and Bungie, we wanted to make the launch of Destiny a special experience for PlayStation fans. We're thrilled to see this high engagement from PS4 and PS3 owners.”

With the new hardware continuing to attract customers, it would appear that new purchasers of the PS4 or Xbox One flocked to Bungie's Destiny or sports titles from EA like Madden or FIFA. Shadow of Mordor also performed well, placing fifth on the top ten chart, while Nintendo continues to see global success with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. In a separate press release, Nintendo noted that Smash Bros. 3DS sold 705,000 units in September (135,000 of which were sold digitally through the Nintendo eShop); this led to over 140,000 units of the 3DS family of systems being sold (an increase of 55 percent over sales in August).

The NPD Group's report saw an overall software (including PC) decline of 35 percent to $501.6 million, but that didn't stop hardware sales from climbing by 136 percent to $432.7 million, helping to bring the industry sales total to $1.1 billion for the month, or up two percent. Accessories increased 33 percent as well, coming to $189.5 million.

Here is the NPD's Top 10 chart for September:
  1. Destiny
  2. Madden NFL 15
  3. FIFA 15
  4. Super Smash Bros. (3DS)
  5. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  6. NHL 15
  7. Minecraft
  8. The Sims 4
  9. Disney Infinity 2.0
  10. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Thursday, 16th October 2014
Blizzard Offering Past World of Warcraft Expansions for Free to Current Subscribers [Eorl- 04:49pm] From: AusGamers News [ 2 Comments ]
As Blizzard prepares for the November launch of its fifth World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, both active and those who reactivate their accounts for the expansion are being offered all past expansions at the lovely price of free.

This is great news for those who may have stopped playing World of Warcraft around the time of the Lich King's reign, or even Deathwing's destructive nature. You'll get access to Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria - all at no extra cost.

Blizzard unleashed the patch 6.0.2 yesterday, offering players the chance to take part in the pre-expansion events that will shape the world of Azeroth. This includes new character models for some of the game's original races, interface improvements, and a variety of character and class changes, and tweaks.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor releases on Windows and Mac November 13th.

Rainbow Six: Siege Targets 60FPS for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [Eorl- 04:33pm] From: AusGamers News [ 7 Comments ]
Ubisoft has revealed via their Twitter that upcoming tactical FPS Rainbow Six: Siege will be electing for a buttery smooth 60 frames-per-second on all three launch platforms.

After the recent news that Ubisoft aimed for 30FPS to keep things not looking weird, it wasn't surprising to see fans asking what we can expect from Rainbow Six: Siege in their latest blog post.Of course, for PC players your framerate will be dictated purely on hardware, though Ubisoft may be hinting at a cap of some sort. There is currently no word on what we can expect the resolution to be for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six: Siege is scheduled for release sometime in 2015.

Custom Music Packs Now Available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Eorl- 12:47pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is introducing Music Kits, special packs that let you change the music heard in the game's main menu, as well as the various sounds you hear throughout the game.

These custom sounds include bomb warnings, round starts, menu music and so on and so forth. You'll also get a signature sound playing if you are the team's MVP, making you feel extra special. There's nine Music Kits available right now, all of which feature audio recorded specifically for Global Offensive. Artists include Sean Murray, Austin Wintory, Noisia and more. You can share these kits with anyone you're playing with.

Valve's full announcement post is here. Expect more Music Packs to be added before too long, which will hopefully include the inevitable Duke Nukem and Quake sounds effects.

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies Preview Looks at Harassment in Video Game Development [Eorl- 11:13am] From: AusGamers News [ 1 Comment ]
GameLoading: Rise of the Indies, an upcoming feature documentary that takes a look into the lives of indie developers and the community that they harbour, has sent through a new preview of the documentary focusing on the harassment that many female developers face in the ever-evolving video game scene.

The harassment of women in gaming has been a serious issue for female developers long before the recent #GamerGate controversy began. The video, entitled “Harassment in the Games Industry”, features interviews with Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest), Catt Small, Phoenix Perry and Nina Freeman (Code Liberation), and reveals the personal struggles each developer faced in the male-dominated field.

Zoe Quinn reveals the harassment she experienced after the release of her game Depression Quest in 2013. She recounts receiving cruel personal messages, death threats and rape threats, with the justification from those attacking her that Depression Quest ‘wasn’t a game.’ “I can’t wait for the day when I’m a games designer, and not a female games designer,” she said.
“In an industry that is so male-dominated, I didn’t expect to meet many women making games. But I’ve met so many amazing female game developers that are making creative, ground-breaking games.” said Anna Brady, producer/editor of GameLoading. “Female developers are so brave to stay in the industry after the hatred they’ve faced online. It’s tragic that women wanting to enter the games industry have to consider whether it’s worth being harassed before committing to a career in games.” she said.

GameLoading are currently looking for funds through Kickstarter to complete post-production, of which their goal is $50,000 with more than $32,000 already raised so far. A 15 minute sneak peek is also available on the Kickstarter page, so check it out for an idea on what you can expect from the documentary.

CoH 2, Trine 2, Payday 2 and More, Among 10 Games Opening Up for a Steam Free Weekend [Dan- 07:56am] From: AusGamers News [ 4 Comments ]
Steam is gearing up for its biggest 'Free Weekend' promotion yet, with 10 well regarded titles loosening up their licensing for a few days this coming weekend.
The 10 titles being offered are:
Blade Symphony
Company of Heroes 2
Don't Starve
Grid 2
Killing Floor
Payday 2
Trine 2
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
All you need is a registered Steam account to play any of these for free this weekend, but when the promotional period expires, you'll have to pony up the cash if you want to keep going.

The festivities officially kick off at 10am PDT on October 16th -- so 4am tomorrow, October 17th in AEDT.

Aliens vs Predator 2000 Free from GOG for 48 Hours [Dan- 07:44am] From: AusGamers News [ 2 Comments ]
In a bid to attract more beta testers for the new GOG Galaxy desktop client, DRM free digital games retailer GOG is offering up the classic turn of the millennium shooter Aliens vs Predator for $0 for the next 48 hours.

Not to be confused with the 2010 title of the same name from UK developer Rebellion, or the 1994 title of the same name from UK developer Rebellion, the 2000 Aliens vs Predator offering was developed by UK studio Rebellion, and introduced the three playable races formula that paved the way for the more memorable AvP 2.

Interested parties can simply head over to to sign-up for the Galaxy beta, with the promise that access to DRM free AvP will then be emailed to you.

Wednesday, 15th October 2014
Far Reaching - A Freeroam Hands-On with Far Cry 4 [Steve Farrelly- 05:19pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
As we close in on the game's November release date, Ubisoft is scrambling to offer as much information as they can, with as few spoilers as possible, for Far Cry 4, including giving AusGamers an open-world build of the game for playthrough.

While the build we played was a bit rough around the edges, it was still a work in progress but managed to paint a very positive picture at the vastness of this new location Ubisoft has created.

From the preview:
I avoided any storyline missions for fear of spoilers ahead of review, but the side-missions were all pretty fun. There’s still a real danger of animals in the game, only unlike Far Cry 3, there are much bigger land animals to worry about with the likes of rhinos and elephants capable of flipping over any vehicle you’re in. I managed to find myself a filmmaker lamenting the loss of the local scene and how she wanted to bring it back. It was hard to work out if she was making low-budget porn or low-budget martial arts movies, but she asked that I strap a camera onto my vehicle and film some risky driving, so either way it didn’t matter.
Click here for our new Far Cry 4 open-world hands-on.

Humble Bundle Transcends Platforms with Native Browser Playable Games [Dan- 03:39pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
The latest pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle offering is a collection of web games, but don't stop reading just yet, as this isn't just a handful of flash games, but full featured and highly regarded indie games that have been retooled for asm.js and WEB-GL compatibility, the same HTML5 hooks that Epic Games used to get its Unreal Engine running plugin-free in a web browser.
Big name indie games playable right in your browser! No more plug-ins. No more installers. Pure gaming goodness is now accessible straight from the browser you already use. Pay what you want for full-fledged indie games you can play right now: Super Hexagon, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, Osmos, Zen Bound 2 and Dustforce DX. If you pay more than the average price, you'll also get Voxatron and FTL: Faster Than Light Advanced Edition. Those who pay $8 or more will receive all of the above plus Democracy 3. Select soundtracks are available, too!

Play in your browser, download DRM-free or redeem on Steam. All games in this bundle are available to play in your browser. These games play best on the latest version of Firefox but will also work on Chrome version 28 and higher or Firefox version 22 and higher. Other browsers capable of executing JavaScript or mobile browsers may also work but are not guaranteed. For maximum compatibility, please use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.
Head over to for a free preview and buy in for as little as US$1.

World of Warcraft Subscriber Count Climbs 600,000 Ahead of Expansion Release [Eorl- 02:35pm] From: AusGamers News [ 32 Comments ]
As you would expect with an expansion on the horizon, a slight increase in numbers has occurred for Blizzard's near decade-old MMORPG World of Warcraft, with the online game seeing a bump in 600,000 subscribers thanks to looming Warlords of Draenor.

Third quarter 2014 has shown an increase of 600,000 after losing 800,000 in the period ending June 30, 2014. During its earnings call in August, Blizzard predicted an uptick, with 1.5 million copies of the Warlords of Draenor expansion pre-ordered at that time.

The news that subscribers now total 7.4 million came in conjunction with news that update 6.0.2 has been released. This update, detailed here, is a prelude to the release of the new expansion on November 13th.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Kicks of as Trailer Teases Riptor and Cinder [Dan- 12:42pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
Microsoft has released a launch trailer for Killer Instinct: Season 2, the start of a new raft of features and DLC characters for the Xbox One exclusive fighting game.
As with Season 1, players can download the full game for free and play a free rotating character each week. As soon as you start it up, you can play all game modes, even online multiplayer matches against the entire Killer Instinct community, with the free character. If you already have Killer Instinct: Season 1 downloaded, you’re ahead of the game and the Season 2 feature updates will download to your profile automatically.

Improvements to Killer Instinct: Season 2 make it easier for new players to challenge opponents and customize their characters, but that classic experience is still intact – mastering the whole lineup of combos is a challenging task that takes time and practice. Take advantage of the acclaimed Dojo mode to master the secrets of combat.
A detailed post over on the official Xbox newswire describes interface improvements, and gameplay changes that include new and rebalanced moves, an enhanced combo system and a new progression system.

A total of eight new characters are expected to launch on a monthly basis, starting with the return of original Killer Instinct fighter TJ Combo, who will be joined by at least two other familiar faces from the SNES era in the coming months with "the cybernetic dinosaur Riptor and the blazing human effigy Cinder".
Along with the returning classics, all-new characters are coming to Killer Instinct: Season 2, including an ancient Babylonian sorcerer, an avenging ghost, a battle-hardened war golem, and more.
Season 2 official kicks off on October 15th US time, so Australian Xbox One owners should presumably see the update available on Xbox Live tomorrow morning.

BioWare's Latest Dragon Age: Inquisition's Stream is All About PC [Dan- 11:20am] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
As with a lot of multiplatform titles, players have been promised that the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition won't just be a quick port of the console versions, with developer BioWare promising tailored attention for the game on desktop platforms.

The latest Twitch streaming broadcast from the game's creators touches on just that, with BioWare's Cameron Lee and Mike Laidlaw serving up an hour long demonstration of the PC version of the game, as played with the trusty of mouse and keyboard combo.

Additionally, there's also a new official trailer. Titled The Hero of Thedas, the latest clip is full of shiny shields and armour, angry dragons, and colourful spells. Watch both below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due on November 21st 2014 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Far Cry 4 Boasts 'Between 15 and 60 Hours' of Content [Eorl- 02:37pm] From: AusGamers News [ 6 Comments ]
Ubisoft has revealed in a recent interview with IGN that players could take anywhere between 15 to 60 hours to complete all of what Far Cry 4 has to offer, including the game's story.

"Because we know the game can take people anywhere between 15 and 60 hours to complete, we didn't want people just to see Pagan Min everywhere," Narrative Director Mark Thompson told IGN.

Thompson also revealed that the newest psychotic villain also influenced Far Cry 4's scope and breadth. "We wanted the world to feel like it was owned by someone, we wanted you to feel Pagan Min everywhere. But, specifically, region to region, we have a different character who owns it, and that kind of colors the outposts, the side-quests, the specific characters and personalities."

Far Cry 4 is due on November 18, 2014 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Check out a new 20 plus minute gameplay trailer below exploring the open world of Far Cry 4's setting.

The Evil Within's PC Debug Commands Unlock FPS, Remove Black Bars and Toggle God Mode [Eorl- 10:14am] From: AusGamers News [ 5 Comments ]
Bethesda has offered up the debug commands for The Evil Within's PC version, with the main draw being that eager tinkerers can now unlock the frame rate from the original 30 to above and beyond 60.

The console commands were discussed last week as a way to unlock The Evil Within's frame-rate and change its aspect ratio. But now we know they let you do much more. Console commands include god mode, noclip, infinite ammo, stop time and slow motion, Bethesda revealed on its forum.

God mode, for example, makes you invincible. Noclip lets you walk through walls. Toggledebugcamera separates the camera from the player character so you can move it about.

Here's the list in full:
  • R_swapinterval NUMBER: Sets the FPS lock. Note that the numbers below are negative.
  • -2: This is the default, set to 30 FPS. This is the officially supported frame rate.
  • -1: This sets the FPS limit to 60. Fully playable, although there may be quirks (we're going to fix these).
  • 0: This fully unlocks the FPS. We do not recommend playing above 60. We will not fix any issues above 60.
  • God mode: You are effectively invincible, and certain enemy kill moves will not be used against you (Laura, for example, will not jump on you).
  • Noclip: Allows you to walk through walls.
  • G_infiniteammo: Unlimited ammo (provided you have at least 1 bullet when you enable this).
  • G_stoptime 1: Stops time. Note there is a bug right now where using this command causes a UI element to appear on screen. We're looking to fix that in the near future. Re enable time with g_stoptime 0
  • Toggledebugcamera: Separates the camera from Sebastian so you can freely move around.
  • R_forceaspectratio: Sets the aspect ratio. Default is 2.5, which is our official aspect ratio. 0 is full screen, but not ideal. 1.8 or 2 is probably most comfortable for those who don't want bars.
  • Com_showFPS: Turns on id's native FPS counter.
  • Startslowmotion2: Slows down time.
  • Stopslowmotion: Disables slow motion.
  • Bethesda warned that debug console commands are unsupported by Bethesda and its customer service team, so use them at your own risk.

    And here's how to access the debug console:
  • In Steam, right click on The Evil Within and select “properties” then under the General tab, hit “set launch options".
  • Put this in to unlock the console: +com_allowconsole 1.
  • Once the game has launched, hit the Insert key to bring down the developer console.
  • You can check out our shining review of the game over here, which we awarded a very rare 10/10.

    Depth Now Available for Steam Pre-Purchase, 20% Discount for Early Birds [Steve Farrelly- 10:06am] From: AusGamers News [ 1 Comment ]
    Indie asymmetric multiplayer romp, Depth, is now available for pre-purchase on Steam, according to the game's Facebook page, with 20% off the retail price as well as character and weapons skins for anyone who takes the plunge.

    Play as a shark or a diver using a combination of cunning, teamwork, and stealth set in a dark aquatic world. Depth blends tension and visceral action as you team up against AI or be matched with other players in heart pounding combat.
    Our very own Joaby actually managed to find himself in one of the world's first preview/hands-on sessions for the game and whipped up both a written developer interview feature as well as this hands-on video preview. Check them out.

    Tuesday, 14th October 2014
    Talking World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor with Blizzard's Tom Chilton [Eorl- 05:08pm] From: AusGamers News [ 4 Comments ]
    World of Warcraft is about to change once again thanks to the pre-expansion patch 6.0.2 hitting the servers by tomorrow, bringing about quite possibly the biggest changes to be seen in the game's nearly 10 year life cycle.

    To help us understand just some of these changes that both new and old players of WoW will see soon enough, AusGamers was lucky enough to attend an interview with the one and only Tom Chilton. With a range of topics covered, our veteran player in the ranks Warren "Khel" Carroll was able to extract a heavy sack full of information on the newest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, ahead of its release in November.
    Right, well certainly we are trying to move towards more of a yearly cadence for expansions. You know I don’t know that we’re going to be all the way at that speed yet, especially considering that with Warlords it was a full two years and like three weeks. But we are certainly farther ahead on our next expansion now than we ever have been upon the release of a previous expansion.
    Check out the full interview for all the gossip on World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, and what the future holds for Blizzard's most popular title.

    Masterful Horror - The Evil Within Review [Steve Farrelly- 12:17am] From: AusGamers News [ 31 Comments ]
    Shinji Mikami's return to horror is upon us, and we took ourselves to hell and back playing the game for review. Warning: this one is not for the feint of heart.

    From our review:
    Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within is an absolute mindfuck, in the most sincere and loving way that term can be taken. It’s a bending and twisting posterchild for anxiety. It forces your insides to curl up and clinch in terror, even when nothing is around. And it achieves this because it tells you sweet FA about why, or what, anything is.
    This is a rare score for a rare game.

    Read our full The Evil Within review right here.

    Disclaimer: The site's The Evil Within advertising campaign has nothing to do with this review, or the review score. Our advertising team dealt with Bethesda's advertising team, and the editorial team had no dealings in that space whatsoever. The review is entirely independent of the campaign.

    Final Patch Notes for World of Warcraft's The Iron Tide 6.0.2 Revealed [Eorl- 12:47pm] From: AusGamers News [ 7 Comments ]
    Blizzard has unveiled the final notes for their pre-Warlords of Draenor expansion patch, bringing through a whole range of changes to the game including the highly anticipated model revamps coming to all races bar Pandaren.

    The patch is scheduled to go live later tonight/early tomorrow during the typical World of Warcraft downtime, and will bring forth the pre-expansion Iron Tide event into the lands of Azeroth. You'll find the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands now turned blood red thanks to the mysterious Orc invasion, so prepare to fight tooth and nail to keep out the deadly invaders.
    The Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands has turned blood red. Hundreds of strange-looking orcs are violently pouring into Azeroth, killing everything that stands in their path. Nethergarde and Okril’lon have already fallen, and while the Horde and the Alliance moved as quickly as they could to get reinforcements to their people, they are too late. The Iron Horde invasion has begun.

    Adventurers looking to dislodge the Iron Horde’s attempts to establish a foothold on Azeroth should visit the Blasted Lands.
    The patch will also bring the very first dungeon available in the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a revamped Upper Blackrock Spire for level 90 players. Blizzard describes it as a limited time event, so don't waste any time to prepare for the coming counterstrike against the Iron Horde.

    As mentioned above, the patch will also be bringing the new racial model revamps for races from the original game: Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead, and Draenei have been overhauled with an increase to fidelity and texture resolution; while retaining the core look and feel of the originals. Some of these can be viewed at the official website.

    You can find the full list over here, but be warned it is rather lengthy. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will be launching November 13th for Windows and Mac.

    Monday, 13th October 2014
    Destiny Reaches 3.2 Million Players Per Day [Eorl- 05:57pm] From: AusGamers News [ 13 Comments ]
    Whether or not you've fallen for the hype of Bungie's sci-fi FPS, Destiny is still doing quite the numbers according to the latest new weekly newsletter which has Destiny at 3.2 million players daily. That's a lot of people grinding for loot.

    Other stats were also revealed by the devs including the average playtime, which sits at three hours per day, even on weekends. The average player also plays Destiny 1.8 times a day and over the past three weeks Bungie has had more players online in Destiny than during the same span for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, combined. Those are some extremely significant stats for an online game competing with a quite heavy October release.

    "We thank you for playing. And, we thank you for the passion and enthusiasm that has made the Destiny community so strong already. It's been amazing to watch your Guardians become legends. Your reactions and your opinions have helped us to make Destiny better over this past month."

    Star Citizen Footage Explores Terrestrial Gameplay [Dan- 11:16am] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
    Developer Cloud Imperium Games hosted Citizen Con 2014 in Los Angeles on Friday, an event that invited fans to a celebration of the epic space title Star Citizen and preview some plans for the game's future.

    A stage presentation by studio head Chris Roberts was live-streamed, and included a gameplay walkthrough that takes viewers all the way from piloting a ship in orbit of a planet, right through the atmospheric entry process and landing and docking sequence, and into a city landscape to explore the CryEngine powered futuristic urban environment on foot.

    A thoughtful Youtuber was kind enough to capture the relevant portion of the live-stream and you can see for yourself below (thanks Polygon).

    Star Citizen has been playable in its various stages of construction for some time now, however it is still expected to official launch sometime in 2015.

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